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Official website: elizeryd.com

Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/ElizeRydOfficial


Thanks for the help with organization interview to Lena Bruhn.

*Interview was done in April 2014

"Composing songs ... like my diary."


I have always been creative, I have a huge collection at home with different songs I been writing and pictures I been painting since I was a kid. Composing songs have been a natural part of my life, like my diary. When it comes to writing for the band it's been a little bit different since I create with two other singers in mind. I'm actually working on the new songs right now. I will enter the studio and record in the end of May. On my free time I write music for my self.

Photo by Linda Dahlberg



"I enjoy a lot to stand on the stage and entertain, share an emotion and experience. I been on tour almost all over the world with both Kamelot and Amaranthe. The most hard part has always been the food, the dirt, the differ climates, and for me to be the only girl around guys and alcohol. The best: to see new places and meet the fans."


"To stay patients and never stop believe helps me move forward."


Goals and dreams have always been my biggest inspiration. When I reach one goal I always put up another. Happiness and love is the best thing I know. All the bad things that have happened to me is the reason why happiness and love have become so important to me, to reach all the things that makes me happy. I have always thought that everything happens for a reason, to believe that the bad will bring something good in the future. To stay patients and never stop believe helps me move forward.


".. I liked more to sing in public than to talk."


I was three years old when I started to sing. My mom is a singer, my sister and my brother, so I grew up with singing everyday. It felt more natural to me than anything else. I have for example always liked more to sing in public than to talk. I have recordings from the very first song I wrote, I was I think 6 when I started to write my own songs so I don't really remember the feeling. ;)

"Your family and your friends, if they are real friends, they will always be left."


I would say to them to follow their dreams or they will regret they didn't try. Happiness is very important so its better to try to do the things you love, than to do what other people think is best for you, and not be happy. I have tried lots of other "jobs" since its expensive to reach success in the music industry. It's been fun as well, but there's nothing else that feels so right to me than to work on stage and entertain. Your family and your friends, if they are real friends, they will always be left. But your chance to succe might only come once. I've always felt I have to do it, no matter what. I guess I'm very lucky I had support from home. My mom even told me that I don't need to go to school, she knew I wanted to become an artist so she said I didn't need to finish my time in school if I didn't want to. That is very unique I guess, Haha. Well, she really believed in me, and I wasn't very happy in school, but I stayed anyway. And I'm glad I made it. I was 15 when my mom moved, I lived with my sister and I 

Photo by Rene Moini

started in a music/musical school where I met like minded people for the first time outside my family members, and that was very helpfull to me. I would recommend all the dreamers out there to continue as long as it makes you happy, as long as it gives you something back. I combined school, work and practice. I didn't spend much time with friends on my free time, I was always very focused on my goals and my dreams. Work hard, believe in your self and don't give up - it's the same no matter what profession you choose.


"... its easier to not dream, but it would make life a bit more grey."


I am a dreamer and always been. It can sometimes be hard, especially around realists, and sometimes I actually wish I was a simple realist. I think its easier to not dream, but it would make life a bit more grey. It is wonderful, especially among other dreamers. If you’re lucky you find them early in life. I think almost every artistic person is a dreamer, a thinker and everything else that the right part of the brain controls. Olof and me had the exactly same sight on life and we shared the same dreams, today I can definatly say it was right of us to focus and dont give up, we have got the honor to reach almost every dream.

My next dream is to make my own solo album. 


".. I get very concerned about the world, human rights, cyberbullism, respect ..."


Recently I started a discussion about "internet hate" on my blog. We receive lots of love, but also lots of shit on the internet. Free speech on the Internet affects many people, not only us artists. It could be hard to handle the negative in the beginning, but now I'm used to it. I understand that it's very easy to say almost anything when you're sitting at home protected behind a screen, the problem is that it makes people say things they probably wouldn't say in "real life". People have different opinions about everything, just like I have mine. I know people have different taste, it's normal. We get both positive and negative critique, and it's no problem for me to handle it. Constructive criticism can be very good, but when it comes to hating us because of the music we make I get very concerned about the world, human rights, cyberbullism, respect, sexism, equality and the developing of the human mind in general."

The most important thing in life ...


"It's to be happy, to see my friends and family happy, and to reach my personal goals. Also help others reach theirs."


".. that's why music is so big and important for every living human."


Strong, pure and honest music means most to me. I don't care about genre, if her name is Britney Spears or Kate Bush doesn't matter to me, every person and artist who can effect someone in a positive way, and fill a persons life with strength and power means the world to me. I gained lots of power from all kinds of music, everything from Disney to hip-hop and even Regga for a while. Music has help me all my life, both in sad and happy times. It helps emotions get stronger and everyone to feel connected to another, that's why music is so big and important for every living human.


Last word.


"Stay true to your self, follow you dreams and goals, only give up if You decide to give up. I wish you all good luck with whatever you dream of in life. Rock on everyone! Love and strength! <3"

Photo by Ville Akseli Juurikkala


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